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Every single tattoo done by the Helsink tattoo artists is completely customised and personalised for each client. Therefore, before the first actual tattoo appointment, we always book an initial consultation to allow the client and their tattoo artist to discuss the client’s ideas and wishes.


The tattoo artist will also check and provide advice on the best location for the tattoo, as well as take some measurements to ensure proper dimensions for the design. After this consultation, the artist will start preparing the design, which will be ready by the first actual tattooing day. However, a final check will still be done before any work is commenced, so that there’ll be time to make any small final changes, if required.


Consultation appointments are free.


Reservation fee will be charged if the client wishes to reserve appointment. This fee will be taken off the last payment at the time of the final tattoo session. There is no set price for any given tattoo, as it will depend on factors such as the complexity of the design, the tattoo’s final size, and of course the amount of time needed to complete the work. Note: If a client cancels their tattoo appointment, the deposit will not be refunded. We also require that all clients be at least 18 years of age at the time when the tattoo work is commenced.


At the Helsink Tattoo studio, we appreciate high quality work and long lasting tattoos. Therefore, in some cases, the tattoo artist might unfortunately have to reject a client’s idea or to make some changes to it. This should never be taken personally, but rather seen as our commitment to providing the highest level of quality for our clients. We want to make sure that all our tattoos will remain great looking for many, many years to come. After all, a tattoo should and will last for a lifetime!


Our studio only uses professional, high quality equipment with everything that we use being sourced and ordered from licensed retailers. All the equipment is sterilized using a hospital grade autoclave. All the needles come directly from the retailer in sealed packages and they are absolutely single-use.


For professional tattooing in a great and relaxed atmosphere, we warmly welcome
everybody to Helsink!


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