Mikey comes from the Republic of Ireland and has been drawing since he was 2.

Mikey has always been involved in creating art and long before tattooing he earned a living from art, customising sneakers and other clothing apparel in the city of Dublin, Ireland.

It was in Dublin that Mikey first picked up the tattoo machine and fell in love with the black and grey fineline style of tattooing made famous by the likes of Jack Rudy, Baby Ray, Brian Everett, freddy negrete, Mark Mahoney and most notably, mister cartoon, Jose Lopez, chuey quintanar, Franco vescovi, pint and placaso.


The black and grey fineline style specializes in lettering, portraits, realistic

Before too long Mikey decided the best thing for his career was a move to London in search of some new teachings. Almost immediately, Mikey met up with UK black and grey master, Jason butcher. Jason took Mikey under his wing and it was there that Mikey had his first real teacher and mentor. Mikey is forever grateful to Jason for the way in which he pushed Mikey to reach his full potential.


After over one year with Jason and immortal ink Mikey set out to pursue his dreams in California to get closer to the style he loves most dearest. Mikey had been traveling to conventions around Europe and meeting different artists showing his progress. Eventually he was asked to come to California and work with the lowrider tattoo team and the legend that is Jose Lopez! This was a dream come true and Mike moved to Cali and travelled all over the world doing conventions with the lowrider tattoo family.

After this lowrider opened a shop in London and 'doodles' moved back to Europe and London. Mikey is extremely grateful to Jose and is a regular visitor to lowrider London


Mikey has always had a love for Finland. The relaxed attitude and extreme weather conditions suit him perfectly and he is very happy to be part of the 'Helsink' team. Mikey worked in Helsinki through the years and it was here that he met mitzu and Alex! He loves the newly renovated Helsink shop and is delighted to be part of such a talented team and appreciates everything that mitzu and Alex have done for him. The future looks very bright for Mikey and everyone at the shop..





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